Making the most of the Suzuki Triangle

My Coaching Philosophy

The Suzuki Triangle of parent, child, and teacher is a strong team. All the tools you need to have a healthy and emotionally bonding musical experience are right there embedded in the triangle. Sometimes this is not easy to see. When you are experiencing tears and yelling during practice sessions at home, and you can’t figure out how the teacher can get a fairly productive lesson out of your child, the triangle can feel more like islands without any method of transportation to travel between them. I have been in all three roles in the Suzuki Triangle, and I can help you wade through the water between the isalnds to find the connections hiding just beneath the surface.

Making Connections

Using the Suzuki Triangle to Maintain a Positive Connection with Your Child

I truly believe the tools you need to feel successful as a Suzuki parent are right there in the Suzuki Triangle.

  • You already have a great teacher who is an expert in the field.
  • You have a fantastic child (probably one of the best in the entire universe) who has all the potential to be able to learn and succeed in any subject.
  • You are an amazing parent (even if you don’t feel like it all the time) who knows your child better than anyone else.

 I believe using the tools in the Suzuki Triangle to create a positive and emotionally bonding experience is fundamentally the most important part of your child’s music education.